My name is Tina Falkenbury. I currently live in Fairfax,

Virginia with my husband and two children. My interest in

photography evolved while in graduate school in

Philadelphia many years ago. My teacher encouraged us

to see and capture events happening around us as we

walked down the city streets. We focused on the people,

their expressions, their interactions and the lighting

around them. This was back in the days of film

photography when we had to wait until we were back in

the darkroom before we could see the outcome of our

photo shoot.

I have continued to take classes and am eager to learn new techniques in order to stay current with technology.

In 2006 I started my own photography business called

Depicting Life Photography


I enjoy working with people and getting to know the families I photograph.  I find that I spend a good deal time on my own photography. I have embraced the photography enhancing technology available and continue to experiment. 

This website is one of the ways I can show case my creations.

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